Saturday, July 24, 2010

paris makes me feel like

You dont want to be alone,
any company would suffice,
one leaves another returns,
they all want to obtain you,
for some reason that cant happen.
you refuse it,
hope for the worst and reject the best
your philosophy.

just fucking, just fucking around.

get me out of this cycle,
I feel I could love you but this bull shit holds me back

I want to be with you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

one thousand four hundred and sixty days

Fake cigarettes and pillow talk.
Watch me Unwind from my clothes
and wear you instead

I've given up on the rest, for once... I've only got eyes for you.
Its getting late, late in our fate.
The time is settling and I can hardly agree with it.
the only something you didn't have...

one thousand four hundred and sixty days.
and I'll be back.
one hundred percent promise guarantee.

When You Give Up On It All

I've realized something yesterday, and that something is that some people hardly give a shit.
And those people ? Ya, they're not worth your time. Do you ever have those days, where you feel like your worth nothing, if you jumped of a bridge would everyone finally start to care? You wonder would they suddenly seem SO heart broken over the fact that your gone... when they never cared if you were there in the first place. This summer was supposed to be our last, good friends, letting sun seep into our skins, cold late night swims in lakes and surrounding a bon fire at the end of the day laughing uncontrollably over the silence.

It's so easy to loose that, especially when it was hardly probable in the first place. September will be my saving grace, new people, new place. On the coast line where it always seems like its about to rain, or already raining.

I can't hardly wait.
East Coast Here I Come