Sunday, November 21, 2010

where else could you be?

All you see is unhappiness,
You're searching for another place to be,
getting away from wherever you feel discomfort or an unusual presence of self pity.
I want to be noticed in my normality.

I look to you and I see an escape from what I think to be the end.
Being back in your arms, or on that cold damp floor.

Pooled around me will be the polluted blood that once pumped through my veins
come closer and you can see the undeserving smirk on my face.

pure satisfaction.

This is all a dream, a morning thought that quickly diminishes with the smell of breakfast.
This unusual feeling that ignorance surrounds me, no one sees through me, when its all that runs through my mind, how can no one notice.

I dont want to be another dead at 20 something, someone or another.

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